About Wera Plants


Having spent my childhood years in a tea estate in India, I always was surrounded by plants and forests. I have vivid and fond memories of playing with my brother and sister in the gardens around the house we stayed in and enjoying nature and it's beauty. Unknowingly this exposure kindled my everlasting curiosity about life of plants.

After coming to Australia, what started off as a passion to decorate our house with all kinds of plants quickly outgrew our house and eventually led to setting up 'Wera Plants'. This way I got to care for my plant babies and make sure they find a nice home to spend the remainder of their precious lives. I am so excited to share my passion with all of you. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit out website, Facebook or Instagram pages.

I hand pick all my plants and each and every plant is special in their own unique way. Just like we all are!