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Brasil Philodendron Care and Propagating

Are you looking for an easy care plant with pretty foliage on it? Then this plant is a "must to have indoor plant". Whether you are a newbie or you already have a jungle of plants in your home, this plant would make a great addition!

It is a trailing plant and belongs to the Philodendron family. It has beautiful heart shaped leaves with variegation on it. This plant grows up to about 3-6 m tall. Brasil likes to be kept in a warm temperature with bright and natural sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Like other house plants this one also does well if it gets the appropriate amount of sunlight. It can grow in low light areas as well, however, the growth rate reduces compared to when kept in a brighter area. 

Brasil Philodendron likes its soil to be moist. On the other hand too much watering will kill the plant due to root rot. Normally, I water my plant once the top layer feels a little bit dry. Another easy way to not kill this plant due to over watering is by using a self-watering pot. All the excess water goes to the bottom of the pot which means there is no excess water sitting inside the pot. Like any other house plan,  Brasil also likes humidity. An easy way is to take a bowl of pebbles and pour water into it and leave it near the plant. 

Indoor plants grow rapidly during Spring and Summer hence, fertilizing the plant frequently helps it grow quicker and keeps the plant healthier. I would suggest not fertilizing the plant during winter at all since it goes into a rest mode during that period. 


This is one of the easiest plants to propagate. Like Pothos plants they also have aerial roots. Once you see the aerial roots popping out, use a clean scissors to cut the stem and place it in a glass or jar of water with all the aerial roots soaked completely into the water. Or you can directly put them into a pot and they will start growing.

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